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June 22, 2016

Our Best Marine Battery Options

vhullWe have been in the business of creating boats for many years. It is what we have devoted our life to. We everything there is to know about designing the perfect V-hull and how many layers of fiberglass and paint should be put on the hull to ensure it will last for years. We do our best to keep up with technology and new style designs. It is what we love doing. For this reason, we also keep up with the changes in available motors and batteries that are on the market. We realize that all of our best options in how we design the boat will be a waste of our efforts if we are unable to put the right motor and batteries on board. We also encourage the people who purchase a boat from us to use only our best marine battery options to ensure they get everything they need to out of our boats.

Why The Motor Matters

Most people do not understand that in order to push a large boat, you need a motor that is capable of handling it. For our larger boats, we use a superior motor to ensure that the boat will have the ability to go as soon as you turn on the ignition. We do not accept a motor that will lag on the startup. We want it to have plenty of horsepower to get you as far out into the water as you want to go, within a short amount of time.Overview

If you have a smaller boat, we are less picky about the speed of it. Most small boats receive a good trolling motor that is as quiet as possible so that you will not scare away the fish you may be trying to catch. Our biggest requirement in a trolling motor is durability and dependability.

Choose the Right Battery

TrollingmotorWithout a good trolling motor battery on board, you are wasting the power in your trolling motor and the larger motors. The biggest, baddest, boat motor on the market it is a waste of effort if you do not have a battery that can handle it. Therefore, we prefer marine batteries that have been thoroughly tested. We want them to be spill proof and environmentally friendly. We want them to have an outstanding rating when it comes to starting amps and we also like to know that they have a reserve power supply that can keep up with the demands a boat owner will put on it.

MountThis means, if you have a small boat, we will make sure that you have a battery on board that can power lights and your Fishfinder for hours and then still start when you want for it to. It also means that if you are purchasing a larger boat from us, we will make sure that you have all the power you need to run your air conditioner, appliances, and other things, but still be able to start up the boat quickly when you are ready to change your location.

When you purchase a boat from us, we will do everything we can. After that, it is up to you, but we do suggest you choose not to settle for anything less than our best marine battery options.

April 26, 2016

Our Top Yacht Addon Items

YachtDingyYachts are great boats. They are comfortable, large enough to move around freely, and perfect for taking a lot of friends out on the water with you. However, the yacht is only as good as the equipment that is on board. Especially if you consider the simple fact that, even though great to own, yachts have a hard time getting into certain areas and doing certain things. That is why we provide everything you could possibly want on a yacht, whether it is an electronic or a dingy to get you into better fishing areas. If you want to do more with your yacht, you should check out our top yacht addon items.

Popular Electronic Add-Ons for Yachts

FurunoDepthFinderIt should not come as any surprise that the best addons according to most boaters is the fish finders, depth finders, and GPS systems that are available. We also love them. We really like the ones that are able to do it all and then add in a few more extras as an added bonus. The ones we prefer are large enough to actually read and those that have colors that are easy to see and comprehend.

If capturing memories is also something that you want, there are waterproof cameras that can be on board any boat. Some of them are designed to work well even in low light situations and we love it. The main reason for our particular fondness of these cameras is because we understand that for most, the party starts when the sun starts dropping in the sky and the fishing is done for the day.

It is also very important to us to include a good sound system. Depending on the size of the yacht, we may also like having the standard air conditioners, televisions, and other things that make nights out on the water more enjoyable for everyone on-board.

Of course with all of the extras, we also feel that back up marine batteries are also a great idea. Even if you dock at an area with a power supply nearby for you to recharge, we still do not want to see you stuck out in the middle of the ocean with a dead battery on the yacht.

Other Useful Add-Ons We Enjoy

Due to the fact that yachts are not small, we put a lot of value into things other than the electronics that are on board. We feel that all boats need bumpers to keep them from rubbing against the dock. We actually prefer to have many on each side read and able to toss over and catch the boat at any time.

dingyWe like it if we have a dingy attached to the yacht, as do most other people, because it is often a lot easier to fish from a dingy instead of the yacht. Especially when you can see the fish rippling water in a cove that you don’t dare try to enter in a large boat. However, instead of choosing a traditional fishing boat or a dingy, you may want to consider an inflatable fishing kayak. They are store easy and you can put some of the popular electronics on them. When uninflated, they take up virtually no room. They are designed to be stable while you are fishing and since many of them can have a trolling motor, they can get you to land if something happens with your yacht.

We put enough value in the idea of inflatables that we searched through all of the fishing kayak reviews we could find, in order to put the right one on our yacht. We like that they can make use of electronics and trolling motors. In fact, we feel that they are truly a better option than anything in previous times has been.

We have also searched and found many other inflatable items that can work well on a yacht. They include things like a square, which keeps swimmers near the boat and slides that are inflatable and can turn the yacht into a water park in more ways than you would normally expect.

We take a lot of pride in the fact that we have a lot of extremely popular yacht addons and we truly hope that you enjoy some of what we have to offer as well. It is guaranteed to make your next trip out, one that you will never forget.

December 04, 2015

Choosing Your Yacht Cooler

We have the biggest and the best boats available and they offer all the amenities that our guests could want on board. Is it any wonder that we also have to put thought into the coolers that we have available on board? We choose only the most important high end marine cooler options for our boats, and our clients appreciate the extra steps we take in even that small a comfort.

The Coolers We Trust

MarineUltraThere are a lot of coolers available. Some are not able to meet our high expectations. We take our clients out on the open water. We allow them to spend the day fishing for large game fish and we do all that we can to make their adventure worth experiencing. Our fishermen are sometimes out for their first chartered fishing trip. The heat of a summer’s day can be extreme, even with the breezes that come with being out on the water. We encourage them to bring drinks and snacks, medication, and other necessities. Our clients would not be happy drinking lukewarm water when the temperatures are at their highest. To withstand the heat, we choose marine coolers over picnic coolers or other beach style coolers. These guys are not going out for a picnic in the park. They are going out for heavy duty fun and we want our coolers to be just as heavy duty. Marine coolers have a much longer ice retention rating and they are durable enough for people to sit on when they need to take a break. Most are sturdy enough to hold a person who is standing on it. They have nonskid rubber feet so that we do not have to worry about a person slipping around while they are on the cooler and we also do not have to deal with the cooler sliding if the water turns a little rough.

Why We Choose High End Quality

FishCoolerBagWe have high expectations when it comes to our boat. We like knowing that our clients consider our boats higher end. Our fish finders, GPS, and other devices, including our coolers are the same way. Therefore, we are always on the lookout for Yeti coolers for sale. We are like everyone else in the world, we prefer to save money where we can. It doesn’t matter to us whether we are looking at the best soft sided coolers that we can find or the largest, most durable coolers. We do enjoy having the large name coolers, such as Yeti, because when people take a trip with us, we want them to know that they are with a charter that cares about how well their fishing trip will go. It always makes us smile when we have clients say, “Wow. They have Yeti coolers on this boat.” And then they ask how much did it cost. We never have to admit that we found a good deal on it.

October 28, 2015

Welcome to Sculley

ScullyBoatRide1-300x230Sculley Boatbuilders is a family-owned company dedicated to constructing the finest custom Carolina sportfishing yachts in the world. We do not manufacture boats – we help people design and build their dream sportfishing yacht, down to the very smallest detail. When we say no two Sculley vessels are ever the same, we mean it. 

We used the same principles we apply to building custom Carolina sportfishing yachts in creating this web site. Whether you are just learning about Sculley Boatbuilders, or you want to research details about a specific line of custom-built Sculley Sportfisherman, you will find it here – from “fit to finish.”

Follow the links at the top of the page to navigate toward different sections of the web site, where you can learn the history of Sculley Boatbuilders, view photographs of vessel interiors and exteriors, and read descriptions of existing Sculley sportfishing yachts.

Also, we invite you to read the latest company news and travel logs from our tournament crew, where you can follow the exploits of Team Sculley, our championship extreme sportfishing team, and learn how you can contact us for more information. We also have a dedicated media page where you can view press releases, company information and download logos and graphics.

Follow the links on the right to browse Sculley Boatbuilders merchandise, and to read our brochures. Follow the links below to read articles written about Sculley Boatbuilders by media that covers the sportfishing pastime and boat building industry.